Still Need Supplies

Life has taught me I still need to learn more. I'm 21 during the second month in the 2012 year of our lord when I started this, and all I know is I'm still learning. I'm going to be an English teacher and husband; as well as a father. Basically this blog is a sneak peak into my mind for one moment in time.


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Part of the Poster Posse’s Interstellar poster project over at Blurppy. More HERE. 

Posters by: Andy FairhurstDoalyRodolfo Reyes, Stephen SampsonSimon DelartOrlando ArocenaDaniel NashKaz OomoriJohn Aslarona& Joe Vetoe

"That’s my name!"

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Cats are friends, not food. [via]


Cats are friends, not food. [via]


The most well written scene in the history of scenes

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"This industry breeds self-involvement. But I’ve a brother who will find me and fart on me if I start pulling that crap."
Chris Pratt, Irish Independent Insider (2014)

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Mornings like these. by thedenizenco on Flickr.